Beauty Boscia Style

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite blotting linens from Boscia. Readers wrote in to say they also liked the blotting tissues from Alcone and Clean and Clear.

I figured I should also let you know a little more about Boscia products. Right now I am using several products from their Clear Complexion (with botanical blast) line.

I started using the Clear Complexion series because my skin was breaking out ~ the humidity just wreaks havoc on my pores. The collection is sulfate-free and contains properties designed to neutralize bacteria. There's cleanser, toner and a treament gel. The boscia products are great because they are gentle and effective. Unlike other harsh acne products, Boscia cleansers and toners won't strip the skin.
Anyway, now is a great time to try something from Boscia because the website is offering free shipping + samples for orders over $45.
If your skin is suffering, you may want to consider the kit photograped above. It's a great way to test out the product line.

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