When washing is fun

Once again, I wish I had the scratch and sniff option on my blog. Truth is, when it comes to washing your hands, it doesn't really make that much of a difference what kind of soap you use -- as long as you use it and rub your hands. Experts say the trick to killing germs is the rubbing motion and making sure you get under your fingernails. Didn't mom tell you that? I think you're supposed to wash for at least a minute. Anyway, there are times when I buy the cheapest hand soap available. Then there are times when I go for luxury. And Molton Brown's White Mulberry hand soap is a great choice. It just smells so good. Makes you kinda wish your hands were dirty more. MB's hand soap and hand cream also make a great hostess/housewarming gift.

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eye4style said...

These are the most amazing hand washes. I'm obsessed with the Naran Ji.