Carmex Lip Conditioner

I'm going to assume that many of my readers have heard of Carmex. It's a lip conditioner that comes in a small yellow metal pot. (It also comes in a stick too). Recently the Minnesota-based company has been expanding its product list to include hand and body creams. Their products are widely available online and in drugstores. Carmex has got to have one of the best pr-marketing-blogger outreach teams. These folks are dynamite. Honestly they should work for the US government. Probably solve more issues if these folks were at it. I digress. Anyway, the Carmex blogger outreach team, i.e. the makers of Carmex, just sent me a new product -- it's a lip conditioner. This is an odd product. It has an orange flavor, which I can't decide if I like or dislike. It's fast absorbing and yet still leaves a tingle. The company says you can wear it under lipstick because it has a matte finish. I've tried it a few times and I'm kind of unsure what I think about it. But now that I've read the accompanying press release and learned that it's packed with 13 moisturizing ingredients, I might give it a second try with more serious reflection. -- JB

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