Chloe, I can't quit you.

An update on my recent post about Chloe. I have been emailing with my friend Amy about the perfume. As I mentioned, she's the one who first introduced me to the fragrance. She told me she also loves the Estee Lauder perfume Beautiful, but that she "can't stop wearing Chloe ... You find something at 16 that works for you -- you keep it, right. How rare."
Amy has two adorable little girls, Lucy and Penny. She sent me this note recently:

"I also associate Chloe with all the wonderful things that have happened to me -- living and working in Paris, meeting Jeff and now having Lucy. Lucy and I have a perfume ritual in the morning. I spray some on my arms and then rub on hers. She loves it too!
Chloe, I can't quit you!"

(What a wonderful way to start the day with your daughter. Thanks Amy for sharing.)

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