Boudreaux Baby Kisses & CVS

I've been waiting for the new CVS at 93rd & b'WAY. It opened while we were away. So far I'm a bit underwhelmed. Problem is I'm comparing it to the mega-CVS on West End Ave. Oh well. It's still convenient and the store did have a nice selection of haircare products.

And speaking of product, from the makers of Boudreaux's Butt Paste, a lip balm for babies. I've decided to test this out on my lips first. Translation: I bought this lip balm for myself under the guise of my son. It's great. Very soothing. No scent. Apparently it's made with peruvian balsam.

I'm also kind of excited about this new lip balm from EOS.

The actual product comes encased in a sphere (think melon balls). The idea is to eliminate the whole dipping finger in lip balm experience and go germ free. Nice idea.
Ingredients include vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil.
I feel like you can't manufacture a product these days if it doesn't have shea butter. But in this case, the balm is very smooth, soothing.

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