'Ouchless' -- Goody Hair Products Rule!

I am very excited to write about some new hair products from Goody. For years Goody has been a leader in the hair care field. But the latest batch of products -- called 'ouchless' is designed to do just that. The clips and hairbands are extra gentle on the hair. I like the clip to the left. It's made from plastic and rubber and hasn't snagged a hair yet. I have thick hair and this clip seems to hold it fine. Buy your clip at Target, CVS or another mass retailer.

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Lori Ann said...

Hi Jaime - I am a Marketing Manager for Goody. Thank you for writing about our new Ouchless products. I am a big fan of the headband. It doesnt hurt my head at all :) There is also a flexible claw clip! You can check it out at www.goodycomfort.com.