Michael Phelps is NOT a Wallflower!

***Breaking News***

Michael Phelps wins his eighth gold medal in Beijing. To celebrate I'm hooking my readers up with what else, but beauty discounts.

(BTW: Has anyone noticed Silver-medalist Dara Torres' pretty mauve-pink lip gloss? I've seem what appears to be the same shade of gloss in multiple interviews. Not only can she swim, but Torres also has a great sense of style)

Anyway, getting down to business, one of my favorite brands (surely you've read posts about them) Three Custom Color is offering a 10% discount to Product Perfect readers through the first week in September.


The artists at Three Custom Color Specialists have created a great look for fall by adding to the Watercolour for Cheeks line. The new shade is called Wallflower. It is a dewy, shimmery beige that gives cheeks a soft, healthy glow and lips a nude glaze. As soon as mine comes in the mail, I will apply it and take some pictures to show you. But I suspect this one will be a gold medal winner and a makeup bag staple.

$20.50 at boutiques and online

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