Introducing pur~lisse

Meet pur~lisse creator, Jennifer Yen .

Jen started her own line of luxe skincare after her own skin freaked out on her. She was an actress, and says all the heavy makeup really did a number on her complexion. Now her skin is clear and smooth.
I don't want to give away all of pur~lisse's secrets, but I can tell you that the product is made with white tea, sea silk and blue lotus flower.
The product line is exceptionally gentle.
No stinging, no tightness, no burning. Pur-lisse leaves your skin well-hydrated and smooth.
Also, I like the simplicity of the line: cleanse, moisturize. Easy.
If you need extra care, you can use one of two serums.
My favorite products are the cleanser and the moisturizer. The moisturizer is available with or without sunscreen.

You can meet Jen Yen in New York City...

WHERE: C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries in West Village, NYC
414 6th AVenue, New York, NY 10011

WHEN: Saturday, April 19th 1:00-6:00pm
Sunday, April 20th 12:00-5pm

You can buy Pur~Lisse at Beauty.com.

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