Update on Bobbi Brown

Well, I've finally had the chance to try out Bobbi Brown's new Stonewashed Nude eye palette. It's lovely. I spent my train ride from Glen Rock to New York City applying various shades of shimmer-y grey, mica, ash shimmer, nude and hot stone shadows.
I also liked the espresso eyeliner that accompanies the shadows.
The only problem, says my mother Slimdi, is that the palette is tricky to open.
Not impossible -- but if you don't want to break a nail, be careful.
I also really enjoyed Bobbi's new Brownie Pink lipstick and Stonewashed nude lip gloss.
If you pair these shadows with this lip combination, you're sure to be what I would call a "natural knockout."

As I write this blog, Slimdi is trying out the Brownie Pink. I'm not actually sure where the name Brownie Pink comes, but I digress. Mom says, "It looks good with a tan."

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