Folks! I'm not talking about skinny dipping here. But I wanted to give you an update on my new fave summer product. I tried the hair color today -- in pink -- and it was great. You can brush it on a strand or two of hair for a small hint of color or you can apply it thicker for a more dramatic result. I used it and liked it very much. And it did wash out easily, as promised. However, I went biking and I sweat so much under my helmet that I ended up with a small pink spot on my forehead. That too washed off easily. So go ahead ... paint your hair pink. Just wait until after you go biking and the beach.

*WHAT THEY COST: $9.95 each
*WHERE TO FIND THEM: Select salons and cosmetic specialty stores; ULTA; or via www.streekers.com

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Tamara said...

can you get STREEKERS in stores? rather than ordering online?