Blotting Tissues

Today I am going to revisit a product that I've mentioned before on this blog.
Blotting Linens.

I first discovered these tissue-y papers while in Beijing, China. I had purchased a Boscia travel pack that included facial wash, toner and moisturizer. It also came with blotting linens.

Blotting linens should be handed out on the New York City subway. You know, buy a monthly metrocard, get a free package of blotting linens.

These are not regular tissues. They are absorbent papers that suck up your sweat -- without disturbing your makeup.

Just repeat after me, "Pat, Pat, Pat."

Seriously, I am a big fan of blotting linens. I even got my football loving husband to use them too.

A must in humid weather.


eye4style said...

My fave are still the Clean & Clear ones. But I agree - warm weather must!

BeautyChick101 said...

I love the Boscia ones. They've always been my faves -- I think they soak up more than any other brand!