Meeting Wexlah!

Earlier this week I attended a Lancome party where I met, dermatologist to the stars Pat Wexler. Meryl Streep was not at the party, but I found this picture online, and I like her so much, I decided to fantasize that she was there too. Anyway, I told Dr. Wexler that I was single handedly keeping her in business by buying up her Exfoliating Cleanser with Acnostat. Trouble is, it's hard to find. It sells out quickly. Too quickly. So when I see it, I buy it. I once bought 2 tubes in the Columbus, Ohio airport and had them ship it to me (Couldn't get 'em past security).
So, if you want to try out one of Dr. Wexler's products, pick up a copy of Instyle magazine. There's a $10 coupon in the magazine for any of her products. Find them online or at Bath & Body Works.

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